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Comedy Coach/Consultant


Over the years I’ve received countless emails, texts and Facebook messages from both young and old asking for advice on how to get into comedy or how to refine their craft. I could be falsely modest and say how surprised and honored I am…but I’m not. Who has time for all that? 


I am excited and proud to announce that I’ve made myself available for one-on-one consultation and coaching in all areas of the comedy business, from “How to Write a Joke” to “How to sell yourself to Agents/Managers/Bookers” and everything in between.


With over 20+ years of experience as a standup comedian, television producer and promoter as well as expertise in business and social media, I am uniquely positioned to help maximize your career potential.


Fellow comics and many critics consider the work I’ve done—going all the way back to my “Que Locos” days—cite it as pioneering and game changing. I’ve helped launch and further expose the careers of George Lopez,

Gabriel Iglesias plus many, many others.


Whether you’re looking for guidance, consulting or mentorship as a performer, producer, promoter or need advice on television production, business contracts and distribution deals, I can offer the benefits and expertise of my experience in all those areas.


Taking control and managing your career is difficult but with my input it can, and will, be easier! 

In short, you will be able to take action for immediate results.


It’s your time to shine! LET’S GO!


I’m available for one on one meetings or via SKYPE. 


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